Getting to Grips with The Blind Factory’s Services

A personalised experience, a superior selection of shutters and affordable rates. These were just a few of the things that The Blind Factory promise to their customers. Giving a whole new meaning to personalised services, the company certainly seem to tick all of the right boxes on paper, but are they quite as effective as so many of their previous customers claim them to be?

A bit about the service

Boasting no less than four decades of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of blinds of all types and varieties, TBF offer something that many of their competitors don’t; and that’s a mobile service. Rather than allowing their customers to run the risk of ordering the wrong size of blinds and going through the trouble of sourcing replacements, the company instead offer to send a specialist directly to you for a free evaluation of your requirements.

Having an expert on hand to answer questions relating to materials, sizes and colours can be very beneficial in and of itself; but the company go even further by trying their best to cater to their client’s budget as a top priority.

What do the company offer?

From hand-painted venetian blinds for that extra level of style and class, all the way to traditional wooden, aluminium and PVC alternatives – when it comes to blinds, TBF certainly have ever angle covered. With such a variety of shutters to choose from, clients are often spoilt for choice and it has been said that the sheer range of options can make it difficult to come to a decision.

Fortunately, the brand have gone even further by offering to provide advice and guidance after spending 40 years in the industry – and this help can be obtained by making a quick phone call. All of the advisors on the other side of the phone are friendly, well-mannered and trained in the art of customer service.

Whether you were hoping to receive a little further information, or if you wanted to bypass a consultation and go straight for an order – The Blind Factory make a point of simplifying their services to benefit their customers.

How fair are their prices?

Even though all blinds designed and created will undergo an extensive production process, before being subjected to a strict quality control procedure – prices are still incredibly affordable. Even with their low rates and ease of ordering, TBF promise to never reduce the quality of their services. From the most simplistic aluminium blind, all the way to professionally shaped and prepared timber shutters; quality is a top priority and when paired with their superior level of customer service, they are able to offer a very well-rounded service.

The best way to get a quote is by contacting the company directly – either via phone, or email. Once you provide information relating to the size, shape and material of your blinds, they will be able to provide a quote, or take the order then and there. Turnaround times can be as little as a week, with even the most extensive manufacturing processes offering results in the space of a fortnight, or less.