Online Store Marketing

Online Store Marketing – 4 Great Tips For Online Store Owners

In today’s tough economic times many online stores are struggling to grow their customer base and keep them coming back to shop with them again. The competition is increasing and the pressure to compete in today’s marketplace is even greater. With so many other businesses are struggling to survive, it’s important that an online store stand out from the crowd and make a statement about who they are. The good news is that there are many ways to do this, but these tips offer some very specific guidelines that should help you in your quest to gain new customers and keep them coming back.

Free Shipping – One of the top tips to use is offering free shipping to potential customers on orders over a certain amount. This can be done by simply offering free shipping for a minimum amount when a purchase is made. Some online stores have gone so far as to add free shipping for purchases above a particular amount, and some even offer free shipping for every single order. While free shipping can lure in some customers, it usually means that customers have to pay for shipping on other items in the set price and the savings gained from the reduced cost of shipping will not be worth it. However, free shipping may entice some customers who have a habit of leaving items at home, or who simply don’t like to spend extra money on shipping costs to get items that are needed immediately.

Ecommerce Design – Another one of the best tips to use when working to attract buyers is to invest in effective ecommerce design. Most online store owners fail to realize the importance of ecommerce design in attracting buyers. Buyers want to see, feel and touch tangible products. If an online store doesn’t have easy to find information about the product or information about how to use it then buyers won’t bother at all. A good ecommerce system will provide lots of useful information that makes buying easier and more pleasant. It should also look professional, well designed and well maintained.

Free Shipping Options – One of the best ways to attract customers is to offer free shipping for purchases. This means that online store owners will not have to pay any additional costs on deliveries of products unless they’re actually paying full price. Some merchants do this by offering free shipping for purchases over a certain threshold. In other cases, they offer free shipping but only on a few selected items. These merchants usually give away free shipping for purchases equal to a certain percentage of the total purchase price of a single item.

Online Analytics – The biggest problem with some online store owners is that they sometimes fail to realize the importance of analytics. Not only is analytics useful in measuring the performance of the business, but it can be used to understand customer behavior. Without understanding customer behavior, it’s difficult for store owners to make any changes that will benefit their business long term. In some cases, store owners overlook this important benefit.

Online marketing is a highly competitive industry. However, by offering free shipping or other special promotions, the number of potential customers grows dramatically. In fact, it’s a great way for online store owners to draw in new customers. With this knowledge they can then increase their traffic and sales.