3 Tips to Maximise Your Online Safety

With hacking attempts at an all-time high, it’s never been more important for people using the internet to stay safe, whilst keeping their confidential information protected. Hackers will employ all sorts of unsavoury tactics and tricks – the majority of which will be programmed to steal private data and then share it with the viruses’ developer.

It’s never been more important to keep your data safe and here are three particularly effective online shopping tips that can help you to maximise your security when buying via the web.

Only use reputable websites

This is possibly the most important thing to consider as far as buying online is concerned. Reputable websites will often offer security features, a secure URL and 128-bit encryption for all of their purchases. If a website doesn’t display a secure URL (https), if it asks for information that you deem irrelevant, or if your anti-virus software has warned you against buying through the site – then walk away and find a more trustworthy solution.

Don’t trust what you see on screen

Hackers are becoming more and more aware of how to trick internet users. These tricks can include creating false websites that mimic the real thing, although instead of shopping with the actual brand, a user may be giving their information to a hacker instead. If you are sent an email to a particular link or if you notice a slight change in the URL’s name look a little deeper; you might be browsing an unsafe website.

Keep your wits about you

There’s no greater defense than your gut-instinct. If you feel like a certain website is a little untrustworthy, if you’ve read bad reviews about its services, or if you haven’t used the service before consider learning a little more – or simply walk away. It can be much safer to trust your instincts and find somewhere else to shop, than to settle on an unsavoury website and put your financial details at risk.