Lovely Is In The Air: 4 Steps To Date-Night Ready

Spring has sprung and love is in the air…

And that means that lovely is too.

As the season brings us the latest dating app matches, swipe rights and dates gone right too, here is our four step beauty routine that will get you date-night ready effortlessly – even if it has been a while since we got to meet up with people in person –

Thanks to 2020, of course!

Take some time to make a makeup tutorial list.

Glam is just like riding a bicycle. You never really forget how. However, there is just something special about following a tutorial that makes you feel prettier, more polished and a little less alone. Thanks to the beauty of YouTube a tutorial can feel like someone talking to you while you get ready, helping you know what eyeliner shade works best and boosting your confidence in the meantime.

Prep your skin.

An excellent toner, cleanser and moisturizer should get you off to a smooth, glowing start. If you have the extra time, pamper yourself with a special mask treatment before putting on your makeup. We especially love masks that soothe irritated skin and plump cells to offer that youthful, fresh faced glow that just whispers youthful and ready to fall in love.

Pick the perfect fragrance.

What is it about a scent that just seems to pull a look together? It is easy to forget to add a spritz of floral or earthy fragrance before we head out the door but it can make all the difference in not only how polished we come off but how polished we feel. And it we FEEL polished and confident…

We will radiate that and BE polished and confident.

Get plenty of sleep.

We know, we know. It can be hard to make sleep a part of your beauty routine when you have a date coming up. You may be feeling nervous or just excited which can make sleeping a lot harder. Avoid pulling all nighters when sleep is coming difficult even at 4 or 5 am. Eye bags, circles and just looking tired will lower your confidence and also make your date much fun… because you’d rather be sleeping even if he or she is great! Try melatonin or an over the counter sleep aid a few nights before your date. See which works best so you can take it the night before.

As you get ready to welcome love in the air… welcome lovely too. You are already beautiful but when you are confident…

Everyone in the room will notice but most importantly…

You will notice it too.