Hair Salon or Mobile Therapist?

Face-Off: Hair Salon or Mobile Therapist

Hair salons have been around for decades now, but if there’s one type of service that always been nipping at their heels – it is mobile therapy. These portable hairdressers are on hand to travel to a predefined location (your home or office, for example) and can take care of your hair care needs from the comfort of your own washroom.

They also offer very similar services to their larger counterparts; albeit without access to the industrial machines and resources that many of these brick and mortar clinics are able to offer to their clientele. There are several differences between the two options and although both can provide a fantastic range of hair care treatments; which one outshines the other?

Comparing the prices

The first thing that you need to know about hair care clinics is that no two are the same. Even chain-brands can propose varying costs depending on the quality of hairdressers that they have on site. The same can be said for mobile therapists. These experts will typically charge their own rates based on their knowledge and expertise – but it is worth noting that their costs can be a little bit higher, mainly due to the fact that travel can add to their expenses.

Comparing the hair treatment services

This factor can be explained by saying that although one provider might be within a salon and the other may carry their products and facilities around with them – both should offer fairly similar treatments because of the training that the hairstylists will have undergone. What is different however, is the level of education that a practitioner may have pursued. With a mobile therapist, and when only one expert may be providing the services in question, you might be limited to what they are capable of. With a hair salon however, you could choose from a range of stylists available.

Comparing the features

Finally, the features brought to the table by both options can be fairly similar – but as a salon will usually have access to more equipment and resources than a mobile hairstylist, it’s not uncommon for a physical clinic to be able to cater to the needs of their clients more extensively. That being said, the option for a mobile therapist to pack what’s needed before an appointment can counteract the benefit that a salon might have.

What’s the verdict?

If you prefer to receive a treatment in the comfort of your own home, then there’s no one more convenient than a mobile hairstylist. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible however, and enjoy the option to undergo a broader range of treatments, then a salon may be the ideal solution instead – so it really does all come down to your preference.