Driving to work with Coffee – Choosing the Right Cup

As the dad of three kids, one of whom has special demands, my daily break is commonly the morning commute. To make the most of this time around, I ask for fit music, the ideal seat position, and coffee – lots of it.

Undoubtedly, drinking coffee in the vehicle, while proactively pursuing the fastest lane has its obstacles. For many years of hunting for the right cup that doesn’t spill, fits in the cup owner, and also is huge enough to satisfy also one of the most cafeine addicted, I have actually thought of the option.

You could assume that an expensive metal coffee cup would certainly be finest – incorrect. While they look sharp, as well as have a solid feel, they simply do not have adequate sensible benefits to validate the expense. At $25 each, I could just manage one metal cup. That indicates I have to keep in mind to take my sole cup home each day and also clean it. After a while, the cup can appear to be another physical body appendage. Plus, sixteen ozs of coffee simply does not help me. I need much more.

So exactly what’s the solution? Dollar shops. Trust me, I do not own stock in any type of buck store chain. At one dollar each, I could pay for to purchase a mug for each day of the week. Given, they don’t look fantastic, or have a solid feel, but that’s not the factor. The point is to obtain the optimum quantity of coffee into your body, without spilling, as you steer through web traffic. I’ve found also that bringing 2 mug works well. One for the real commute and one to take right into the workplace. This isn’t really a trouble at a buck an item.

Finally, I tailor my cups by expanding the small gap on top of the mug. By enlarging this opening, I’m able to acquire a much better flow of air, and also consequently a lot more coffee right into my system.

As for the stickshift, I have not discovered an excellent solution to attend to that, as well as I refuse to trade down to an automated.

Safe Driving.