Discount Promotional Products: An Advertising Advantage

Businesses are always keen on increasing brand awareness to generate more sales. Advertising helps them accomplish this with various platforms available. It is up to each business to figure out which ones to use given their limited resources. For many, the clear choice is discount promotional products. These are items often given away free of charge with every qualified purchase. They typically carry the brand’s logo, name, and slogan. This form of advertising has proven to be effective throughout the decades. Plenty of objects may be used for this purpose including clothes, hats, pens, and keychains. In this article, we discuss why branded mugs are a great idea:

Good Utility

Giving away something does not guarantee that people will take it. Many are picky about what they bring home since they don’t want any clutter. That is why it is important to promote your business with useful items. These are more likely to see the light of day instead of getting tossed in the bin or being stored in a far corner. Mugs are definitely useful so people are likely to keep them in the house. They might use this when drinking their choice of morning beverage or late-night brew. The handle prevents their hands from getting hurt by steaming hot drinks.

Daily Use

Promotional items are most effective if they are frequently used since their prints will be on display every day. Some things like clothes might only be worn once a month or so. Umbrellas are great during the rainy season but they might be in storage for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, branded mugs may be used every single day as it become part of the recipient’s morning routine. For example, a lot of people have a habit of drinking coffee in the morning to perk themselves up. That means this advertising platform is always present to remind them about the brand.

Service Life

Since businesses need to spend on promotional items, it is natural for them to aspire for the most value for their money. They want items that will last for a long time so that they can perform their task for spreading brand awareness and strengthening loyalty. That is why consumable items are not always ideal, unless the promotion is for a single event or any other short-lived endeavor. Mugs will not diminish in any way no matter how much the owner uses them. They can last for several years and stay as useful at Year 5 as they were at Year 1.

High Visibility

Mugs may not be as large as calendars but they are big enough to have a highly visible perimeter. If you print brands or logos on them, then people within a few meters can readily identify these. The letters are big enough to see unlike with pens and keychains which are too small to attract attention. Those are purely focused on serving the users, while mugs may also influence people within the immediate vicinity. Just make sure to use easy to read fonts in large sizes. Keep the messaging simple and the images appealing. For maximum visibility, use a white background and dark text.

Social Impact

As we have mentioned, promotional mugs can serve as a reminder that the brand is there to serve the recipient’s needs. Users are more likely to seek out the business whenever their products or services are required. As the mugs are used around the house, family members and guests may get curious about prints. They will also become aware of the brand and the company behind it. Owners of the mugs may explain how they got these, what the actual products are, and how satisfied they were with their purchases. Those that bring their mugs to work might influence their colleagues, as well. Mug owners essentially become brand evangelists.

Discount promotional products are incredibly effective for small businesses with limited budgets. These advertising materials can serve them for many years with cultivate a close relationship with the recipients. They can increase brand awareness and loyalty, helping the business with its goals through tangible results. Next time you are thinking of using promotional products, consider branded mugs to get the benefits listed above.