Welcome! Im Christine. Im a 30-something, full-time communications professional, wife, and mother to two boys under 5.

I’m on a journey of self-discovery, examining my life from the inside out. Along the way Ive learned many lessons, but the most important has been that sometimes when you are trying to do it all you are really doing nothing.

In this space I write about the madness and sweetness of life as a full-time working mother. I write to find some quiet from a busy, hectic life. I explore new directions; I muse and I dream. I share the hard parts, the soft parts and the fun parts as honestly as I can.

Coffees & Commutes allows me to connect with wonderful people who make a difference by reading, sharing and offering wise advice. Thats you! Thanks for coming by. Please share your own perspectives when you visit. I learn from, and am often inspired by everyone who does.